Just a brief check in from The Forge Team. We want to let everyone know that four of the six classes have already passed, two remain, and we are thrilled with the amount of entrepreneurial spirit we are seeing here in Marion. Scott has covered business plans, cash flow, and financing, and the final two classes will introduce record keeping and marketing/advertising. We have a break this week for the holiday, but our aspiring entrepreneurs will be back at it next week!

In other news, we have some meetings coming up to discuss the future of The Forge and our ability to support business startups beyond the business classes. This is crucial to our long term goal: Making Marion County a Regional Magnet for Small Business Ownership and Entrepreneurial Activity, AND helping your business ideas become a reality. We want The Forge to become a go-to resource for small business startups as they navigate their first few years.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to keep an eye on the community resources section of our site. This information will be curated and expanded as we strive to make The Forge a more robust tool for small business in Marion County.

Keep up the good work everyone!